Monday, August 5, 2013

Girl Set Ablaze By Evil Nurse In Surulere Dies

The 11-year old girl that was allegedly set ablaze by a nurse in Surulere area of Lagos, southwest Nigeria, is dead. On Tuesday,it was reported how the victim, Ita Bassey-Eno, was set ablaze and was in the throes of
death because of the severe burns she suffered.

Her mistress, Mrs Nkese Iroakazi, was alleged to have poured kerosene on her body and lit a match stick to set her ablaze after she allegedly stole a piece of meat from the pot.
The victim, who was rushed to the Burns and Trauma Centre, General Hospital, Gbagada, last Saturday was said to have suffered 95 percent degree of burns all over her body.
After doctors battled to save her life for five days, Bassey-Eno eventually died in the early hours of today due to the high degree of burns she suffered.
Mrs Esther Ogwu, Executive Director, Esther Child Rights Foundation, the non governmental organisation, NGO, fighting for justice for the child, confirmed to reporters that the little girl had eventually died, and that the NGO would ensure that the alleged culprit was punished.
Nurses at the hospital said the little girl died around 2.00 a.m. today as she could not survive the excruciating pains caused by the severe burns on her body.
The girl’s fate appeared sealed last Saturday when she was said to have been set ablaze. Sources said the girl ran out of their apartment at 7, Adeniran Ogunsanya Street, Surulere, unto to the main road with fire all over her body as she cried for help from passers-by.
It was gathered that a motorist immediately stopped her vehicle and used the fire extinguisher in her car to put out the flames.
The matter was promptly reported at the Bode Thomas Police Station and the alleged culprit was arrested.
Bassey-Eno’s private part was damaged as a result of the burns, while almost all parts of her body were badly burnt.
At the Bode Thomas Police Station, police sources alleged that the little girl revealed, before her death five days later, that her mistress poured kerosene on her and set her ablaze.
The police at the station said the woman would be transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department, SCID, Panti, for further investigation into the matter, but Ogwu alleged that the police were trying to shield the woman from the long arm of the law.
In her statement at the police station, Nkese denied that she poured kerosene on the little girl and set her ablaze by lighting a match stick.
According to her, she was in the sitting room when she heard a loud cry and rushed out only to see the girl on fire and called on people to help put out the fire.
Nkese is still being held at the SCID, Panti, where she is being interrogated.