Sunday, August 18, 2013

Wizkid Lashes Out At Fan Who Insulted Him

Oowkayy so here's what happened. Wizkid had put up the picture below on his Instagram page, saying he was to perform at a wedding, but he had a hangover. Unfortunately, he 'gbagaun-ed' by posting "'an' hangover". For reasons best known to him, this Wizkid fan @Spruzman asked Wizzy to correct himself. Then he said it was because of errors like this that Wizkid needed to get back in school. Obviously, that pissed Wizzy off. So Wizzy hit him with a simple but huuugeeee reply. Trust Wizkid's fans to defend their star as  many of them pounced on @Spruzman, and severely lashed out at him too. Only a  few felt Wizkid was wrong to have said that to a fan who was just teasing him. Read their comments