Friday, August 16, 2013


Real Name - opia taiocol collins
HOBBIES: collecting teeth from live lion, catching bullets with bare hands, Jogging up & down mount Everest
 MY RECORD: Fought with a tyranosaur and broke its neck, skinned a crocodile alive!, held my breathe under water for2months, 3weeks, 6hrs, 51mins,45second s, (d list is too long!)
 GREATEST ACHIEVEMENTS: Went τ̅o heaven τ̅o charge my phone, Fluent in 10,598 languages, 1st Guy to land on the sun,
SILLY THING I'VE DONE: Ate a bowl of plastic fruit on thanksgiving day EMBARRASSING MOMENT: couldn't kill 100 bears with a single punch only 99 died instantly and the last one is Now an slowpoke.
PROUDEST MOMENTS: 1) I roasted a dragon at my backyard with a lighter. SOMETHING ABOUT ME: I really don't like to show off..
Thanks. So mak una no Try me