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We all know Azonto is not for everyone and American comedian, Kevin Hart has proven this to be true. During an interview with Choice FM UK, he attempted the Azonto dance, and  it was really hilarious, but he is a cutie so we’ll forgive him. 

Ese Walter writes again

I'm quite sure you all know who Ese Walter here if yu don't . She took to her blog yesterday to write about the aftereffect of her last post, where she accused pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of Common Wealth Of Zion Assembly of sexual manipulation. Read below...
"The past week has ‘killed’ me. It has stripped me of whatever ‘self-importance’ I nursed in the corners of my mind. It has broken me and opened me up to my real self. It has brought me to a deeper level of self-awareness, one I am most grateful for.
When I sat with my MacBook to type my last blog, I never imagined it would generate the kind of attention it did and continues to. I have one last thing to say on this issue before I lay it to rest and move on. (I also hope others can move on too, we have too much going on in this Country to continue to peddle one for longer than necessary.)
A very big thank you to everyone that has felt it necessary to talk about this issue and spread it throughout Nigeria and the foreign scene. I read every email sent to me with awe that people would take the time out to reach a total stranger like me. Some were cursing, calling me a witch from the pit of hell sent to destroy the church as though one individual/church is bigger than the body of Christ. As though God is mere man and would cringe in heaven saying, “Ese don did it this time.” Or as if the good Book didn’t state clearly that ALL things work out for good for those that love God.

Do you love God? If yes, trust that it will ALL turn around for good.

Some people say, ‘I support you, you are brave and courageous’ and I wonder if those terms really define me. I do not think I am brave or courageous. I do know, however that after decades of sleepwalking through life, I am now becoming aware not just of myself but also of my environment, my world, and the universe.

Some say, put out the evidence and we will believe you. Hmmm, the morning I sat to write that post, I really didn’t expect anyone to believe me. Well, apart from those involved. And my motive was simple, let one more woman be spared. Let one more minister of the gospel be mindful and let the church rise up to its responsibilities as God’s legal representatives here in the earth realm.

A copy of the ‘evidence’ is with a respected minister of the gospel should the christian body decide to deal with this issue now and that becomes needful. I am not looking to have a ‘me against them’ case where I need to prove I’m right and someone is wrong. I am far from right, but I have used the only means available to me to free myself of the bondage I put myself in.

Lastly, to all the media people seeking interviews and whatever else mailing me, I have nothing more to say on this issue. I cannot reply every email as reading them is beginning to seem like a new job.
I remember asking a friend once while reading the book of Acts, “Why do we no longer operate in the power the disciples did in Jesus day?” What has changed? How do we ‘unchange’ it?

God is not mocked, if we serve Him, let’s serve Him. We cannot continue to grow as a Nation by oppressing, delaying justice, hating, having the ME ME ME mentality. As Martin Luther King Jr said, ‘no one is free until we are all free.’

Things have got to change and it begins with us. It begins with each and every one of us borrowing courage to stand for what we believe in. Fela Durotoye once said, ‘that thing that annoys you most in society is a sign that you carry its solution.’ (I’m

Nothing has called out to me more than people, especially women, suffering in some way and hiding the pain. Whatever we cover doesn’t go away. It grows and it finds different outlets to rear its ugly head until we deal with it.

I am not perfect, I will never be, but I am enough to try what I feel might work. I don’t know what the entire bible says but I am learning and applying the little I find out
daily. And I think everyone owes it to himself or herself to figure it out for

At the end of the day, we agree that ‘men of God’ are firstly men, right? This means it’s needless expecting them to help you in your growth with God. I fell into that trap of thinking a ‘man of God’ is equated to God and it is not new to find people fall in that hole.

How do you begin to learn to serve a God you have never seen? It takes another level of faith to do that but we live in a generation/Country where people don’t want to study for themselves. They don’t want to read the Scriptures. Well, they don’t want to read, period. They want to pursue things instead and have somebody do the praying and studying for them. If you fall in that category, you need to repent.

I learnt that when the veil was torn, we all were given equal access to the Father. No matter how long you may have been in church, if you don’t know what that means you better ask somebody. And seek a real relationship with the God you claim to serve.

That is what I am spending most of my time doing these days. Praying, studying, seeking, knocking. The peace I have felt despite all the hate mails and tantrums shows that God is not angry with me and I did what I needed to do to the best of my understanding.

My apologies to everyone this has affected in one way or another.
Firstly, my family: I don’t know how you guys aren’t sick of me yet
Secondly, ‘the body of Christ,’ my intention was never to cause trouble but to stop a rot I felt might spread and become worse if nobody spoke up about it.

Lastly, to those who said I shouldn’t blog again, I respect and understand your concerns but the truth is, writing is not just my gift, it is also my ‘curse’. I cannot ‘NOT’ write but I PROMISE, this is the last I will say on this issue except the christian body needs to see me.

God is building His church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. No sin is too big to wreck anyone’s faith. If it does, then it means it’s working out a greater good for you. You will definitely come out stronger and better in the end. Like my best friend says “in the end, it will be all right and if it ain’t alright, it’s notthe end.”

“…forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” Paul.
Cheers to the weekend people

"I’m Sorry For Embarrassing Nigerians "– Beverly

Nigeria’s representatives in the just concluded Big Brother Africa reality TV show, Beverly Osu and Melvin Oduah were presented to the media at the Protea Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos last Thursday after their triumphant return to the country.

The two ex-housemates recounted their personal experiences in the Big Brother House.

Beverly was the first to put the record straight , as she denied having sex in the House with her South African counterpart, Angelo. She however, confirmed that her relationship with Angelo was real.

In BBA House

The experience was awesome.Though it was challenging, God really saw me through. It is something everybody should look forward to participating in. I don’t believe I was cheated during the grand finale. Housemates from West Africa were not only united but, we dominated the House. Whoever won the show really deserved to win. For me and Melvin, having made it to the finals, we are equally winners in our own rights. At least, we brought something home to show for our efforts.

Having sex with South Africa’s Angelo

I did not have sex in the House. I had a relationship with Angelo Collins but we did not have sex. I loved him and I still love him. I am a blunt person and very real. People that knew me before BBA know that I don’t pretend to be who I am. If it happens, you fall in love, you can’t fake it. I did not have sex with Angelo. I was under the bathtube, but we never had sex. Maybe, the camera made it look so. Everybody gets naked to have their bath, so I don’t think it is wrong for me to be naked when I have my bath too. There was no way. I couldn’t be different because I went for a reality show. So, I should not be judged by what people saw during the show since I didn’t intentionally bring out my video for all to see. .Big brother did that.

Winning strategy

I am a very blunt person. Melvin can testify to this claim because he stayed with me for ninety one days in the House. I was only talking to my fellow Housemates. And I don’t regret anythin I said about myself and my family. This is because if I have to be on this platform, people have to know the real me and what I have been through.

On her plans for the future

I’ll continue with my online reality show “Beverly Says” and I’ll complete my education. I also intend to go into acting.I’m a 200 level student of the National Open University of Nigeria, where I am studying Mass Communication.

My mum’s reaction

My mum has tutored me very well. Even if the whole world rejects me today, my mum can’t reject me. I love my mum so much. I’m her only daughter and the last child in the family. I have always been there for her, just as she has always been there for me. I will not disappoint my mum intentionally by saying she this or she’s that…

Embarrassing Nigerians

I don’t feel happy about it because this is the first time, I represented the country in any continental competition. But the fact remains that if you didn’t go for it, you wouldn’t know how it’s in the House. I wasn’t there with my cell phone to be able to communicate with the outside world. I was just there alone. I’m sorry for embarrassing my country. I didn’t do it intentionally. My participation in the show was not to embarrass my country. I am a proud Nigerian.

On featuring in a porn production by Afrocandy

I heard about it. Thanks for the offer but no.

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Dr. Sid & Toolz Battle Each Other On Twitter

That awkward moment when you poke your nose into other people's affairs :D

So Toolz tweeted "Awon ton ma n twerk l'ori YouTube" , & Dr. Sid replied "Ki lo she won?" This kinda pissed Toolz off and  she replied "Mind your own business"

Sharply, Dr. Sid replied " Who should mind his own business? Ode (fool) "
 Who do you think is at fault here?


Khloe Kadarshian-Odom's husband,Lamar,has had his driver's license suspended for a year following his DUI arrest in L.A.this morning.

Public Informatioon Officer,Leland Tang says that Lamar currently does not have a license and has been suspended from driving for one year.In one year Lamar will have to reapply and take a written test.

Lamar was arrested at 3:54am Friday morning  after being pulled over on a freeway.

According to reports,the 33year old basketball star was seen to be driving in  an unusual manner at a speed slower than the speed limit set.The Police stopped and pulled him over.Lamar was identified by his California license and was administered a full sobriety test which he was unable to perform and subsequently refused to perform a chemical test.

"Khloe has been trying so,so hard to keep him from hitting a bottom like this," a source said. "But if this is what needed to happen,then this is what needed to happen."
In weeks past,he and Khloe have faced endless divorce rumours,"They have never spoken to a divorce attorney,"the source added.

CNN Anchor Isha Sesay Marries Leif Coorlim

The pretty CNN anchor Isha Sesay tied the knot with Leif Coorlim, executive editor of The CNN Freedom Project, in a gorgeous wedding in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta Saturday.

According to Huffpost, the couple, who described their wedding as "fun, relaxed, romantic, elegant and unconventional," met in 2008 after working on a CNN series together in Atlanta. They were friends for several years and began dating in 2011, after Sesay "brazenly asked [Coorlim] out for a drink," as she described it.

Sesay says her favorite thing about Coorlim is his "kindness." She explains: "He has an extraordinarily large heart, and every day he does something that impresses me and makes me want to be a better person. He’s truly a special soul." For Coorlim, the best thing about Sesay is how outgoing she is. "We can’t take 10 steps in the building without her stopping to talk to somebody. She’s best friends with her dry cleaner, waiters in the restaurant down the road, even her dentist. It’s that kind of open-heartedness, that I truly am in awe of and love about her," he told HuffPost Weddings.

Sesay describes the Big Day:

We'd been planning this as an outdoor wedding for eight months. It was supposed to be outside in the Mandarin's English Gardens, but thanks to an early heads up about bad weather from CNN meteorologist Jen Delgado, we decided just last Wednesday to move the entire event indoors! She was our guardian angel -- we will forever be grateful toher! Given the quick turnaround, we gave the decorator and florist Britt Wood complete design freedom. So we had no idea what he would do with the ceremony space and were completely blown away by how he transformed the ballroom. It was breathtaking. Leif had no idea I had planned a surprise performance of his favorite love song at the end of the ceremony. I booked a singer to perform Elton John's "Your Song." Once the officiant told Leif he could kiss me, she started singing from behind the drapery which was framing our altar. Then she suddenly came out from behind the curtain, surprising Leif and all our guests. We asked CNN's Don Lemon to MC our dinner and he did a fantastic job of bringing everyone into the mix. We had a number of planned speeches but Don did what we in TV call"ad libbing" and went completely off script, calling out people to come up and give impromptu speeches. The result was an evening of great emotion; there was so much love and laughter in that room. A girl always imagines how her wedding day will be, how it will feel, the dress... Well, our day exceeded my wildest dreams. It was magical. When I saw Leif standing at the end of the aisle, I felt as if my heart would explode. I married the man of my dreams in front of the people we care about the most. And then we partied the night away. Our special day was perfect in each and every way. What more could any girl ask for...


tThe superstar actress is still on vacation with her husband, Mr Ekehinde and their four children as they explore all the beautiful spots in parts of Europe.

Woman Says There Is An Evil Snake Inside Her Tummy(photo)

Maria Tsotetsi (49), from extension 28 in Vosloorus, east of Johannesburg, SA, says she has an evil snake inside her stomach. She said she has been told by several prophets and traditional healers that the reptile lives inside her.

Maria, who looks pregnant, said she was in hospital in 2011, where the doctors told her she had a growth.
"They told me I had lost blood and they wanted to operate on me but nothing happened after that. The nurses put me on drips but a few days later, they released me."

She said that her ex-boyfriend took her to a bishop after she complained about a pain in her stomach. The bishop told her to strip her of her clothes and gave her muthi (herbs) to steam. "The muthi was covered in a white and brown snake skin. The bishop said it would cure me," she said. But a few days later, she realised there was something in her body and her teeth started falling out.
"I believe the muthi made me lose my teeth. My boyfriend then dumped me after 14 years and I've been single ever since," she said. "I want him to come and remove the snake he put in my stomach. I believe he's responsible for this." She said she sometimes has her period for two weeks and it's so heavy she has to use nappies.
Traditional healer Ntsimbi Ngema said: "This kind of thing is done by jealous lovers. There's no way Maria could have a new boyfriend because he could die after Being Intimate with her."
A doctor who didn't want to be named said Maria could be suffering from all sorts of things, including kidney stones or gall stones.

(PHOTOS) Meet 19-year-old Female Body-building Champion


19-year-old Georgina McConnell strikes you at first sight. With her bulging muscles and intense fitness regime, she has managed to win for herself, a gold medal in the UK Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation North East Championships. According to the Daily Mail, the teen, who is a statuesque 5ft 7in tall, revealed that her powerful frame had divided opinions among her friends, family and the opposite sex. 'My parents and friends are really proud of me and think I look great, but my brother is the total opposite - he doesn’t get the whole bodybuilding thing at all,' she said. "Though bodybuilding has really helped my self-esteem, I tend to cover myself up when I’m out and about. If I don’t, people stare at me - especially at my arms and shoulders. I get a lot of compliments for my physique, but I get a lot of insults too - quite a few people have said nasty things about me in the past." More photos after the cut

What do you think?


Kendrick Lamar maintains that his part of Big Sean's "Control" is nothing more than a little friendly competition among artists or at least it's nothing more than a competition.

"A lot of cats that I named,they are actually good friends of mine and I basically wanted to show that I'm competitive," the good kid,m.A.A.d,city artist who was nominated for leading 14 BET hip hop awards explained last night on Chelsea Lately.

"When you get out on the basketball and you are playing..."

"What the f**k do you know about basketball?" Chelsea fired back,poking fun at Lamar's 5'6 stature.
"So before music,"Lamar said apparently wanting to get the basketball reference out of the way first.
"I wanted to be Micheal Jordan.No seriously." He added as Chelsea gave him the eye
"But like you said, I'm a small guy. I only grew to 5'6 and it deferred my dreams to writin' rhymes."
Chelsea suggested that he might still grow but Lamar admitted that at 26 his growing days are over.

Back to the matter at hand.

Lamar said that his verse of "Control" called out fellow rappers "in a competitive nature like basketball...You know Kobe vs. LeBron,I'm sure they are good friends off the court...But when you are in that booth you have annihilate whoever out there and that keeps the level of hip hop alive as far as the culture."

Lamar also shared stage time with Miley Cyrus at the MTV VMAs while performing 'Give it 2 U' with Robin Thicke.
"It was shocking,very shocking." He said a bit uncomfortable when Chelsea opened up the  interview asking if Miley had come near him with her foam finger.
(for the record,no she didn't)
He said Miley's twerking did not get in the way of his performance but he was definitely interested.


The former Black Eyed Peas singer, 38, welcomed the baby via scheduled C-section at a Los Angeles hospital on Thursday morning with her husband Josh Duhamel, 40, by her side.

In true celebrity fashion, the couple opted for a rather unusual first name for the little one - Axl Jack Duhamel.

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Kris Jenner's talk show canceled

According to a report by Radar Online, Kris Jenner's talk show has been canceled due to poor ratings

Kris Jenner has been told by FOX executives that her six-week trial run at being a talk show host will be just that - it’s not coming back for a second run.
The matriarch of the Kadarshian/Jenner family was recently told, “There is no chance the talk show is going to get a green light from FOX. The ratings were averaging an abysmal 0.8 and advertisers were less than enthusiastic about it.”
“Kris did get a ratings bump for her last show when Kanye West revealed the first baby pic of daughter, North West, with Kim, but that was a one time shot in the arm and it wouldn’t be indicative of what the ratings trend would be,” the source close to the production told
“It’s a very crowded market and Kris didn’t do anything to set herself apart from the field. Believe it or not, most of America doesn’t want to hear about the Kardashian’s for an hour everyday,” the source revealed.(True that)


An Egyptian man has sliced off both his hands by placing them in the path of a speeding train to overcome his stealing addiction.
Ali Afifi, 28, was apparently so appalled by his habitual crimes that he took his punishment into his own hands.

His decision was likely to have been drawn from the Islamic teaching of Sharia law - the principles, rules and subsequent punishments that inform every element of life for those who practice Islam.
Mr Afifi said his stealing 'disease' started at a young age, first taking his friend's lunches at primary school. It then escalated to items in shops and until recently he was taking people's mobile phones and gold jewellery.
He said he used to give the money he made from the thefts to children and poor families.

But Mr Afifi was unable to cope with the guilt and decided to cut off his hands to put an end to his compulsive behaviour.
He said he wants to help his local town, improve the buildings and build a youth centre. He also wants to marry but doubts an Egyptian woman would take him because of his history of theft.

Beverly Osu Gets Hospitalized

Beverly has not been in the best state of health since her return from the just concluded t.v reality show, BBA. She's said to have sustained an injury on the finale of the show when trying to climb the stairs to the stage.

She is presently being admitted to Faith City Hospital, Oju Olobun Close, off Bishop Oluwole Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.
Melvin and uti nwachucku were the first people to visit her in the hospital where she's said to be responding to treatment.


Lamar Odom has finally returned home ... with Khloe Kardashian ... but he remains undecided about seeking treatment for drug addiction, TMZ has learned. Odom returned to his L.A. pad Monday after going off the grid for several days. Sources tell us both Lamar and Khloe are inside the home and addressing some serious issues, including Lamar's out-of-control crack problem.We're told there's still no talk of divorce -- and Khloe is determined to help Lamar get his life back on track.One source tells us Lamar is "open to reason and listening to the people who love him the most" ... a drastic change from a week ago, when Lamar rejected an attempted intervention. We're told no decision has been made on possible treatment, but Lamar is "receptive."Lamar seemed to be in good spirits Monday night -- when he was spotted out on a gas run near the home and stopped to pose for a photo with a young fan. We know ... several of Lamar's NBA friends have tried to reach out to him, but it seems for the most part, Lamar Odom is keeping to himself.

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Arik Air Stowaway Teenager: Gov. Aregbesola's Group Offers Him Scholarship

De Raufs, a volunteer group extolling the virtues of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, the Governor, state of Osun, has volunteered to sponsor 15year old stowaway teenager, Daniel Ohikhena who sensationally hid in the tyre compartment of Arik air flight from Benin to Lagos.
In a statement signed by the Director General of the group, Comrade Amitolu Shittu, the group stated that it is ready to give scholarship to Daniel up to university level and help him realise his dream of travelling by air legitimately.
Shittu said, genius and ambitious citizens of our country must not be suffocated on the alter of political and bureaucratic enforcement, the little boy’s ambition should be nurtured through qualitative education, and the group is ready to give the boy all the necessary support to make his dream a reality.
"We are sincerely willing to offer him the scholarship in other to encourage thousands of teenagers who are genius and ambitious, the leaders in Nigeria fail on their part to see the potential of the little boy ,therefore De Raufs take up the responsibility to safe the future of this great boy and not turning him to criminal.
"The parents of the boy should contact the secretariat of our group for further briefing," the group stated.


Just about two weeks ago Davido posted a picture of him,his 'new' girlfriend(Funmi Aboderin) and his buds.
Well he's talking heartbreak now so it's probably safe to say Davido is single again.


Omowunmi's graduation ceremony from King's College London held in July but she only shared the photos today on her Facebook page. Her lovely graduation gown was designed by Vivien Westwood

Afroncandy Offers Beverly Osu,soft Indecency Role In Her Up Coming Movie

Beverly Osu,one of Nigeria's representatitves in the  just concluded Big Brother The Case gameshow,has received an open invitation from Nigeria's Porn Queen Afro Candy,real name Judith Mazagwu to be a part of her porn movie business.
Afro Candy's facebook post

Peter Okoye Posts Photos From A Strip Club In Atlanta (18+)

(photo) Couple Resort To Having Sex On Football Pitch After Boring Match

A couple in Denmark took their frustration of a boring football match in Denmark on the pitch as they walked on to it and had sex near the centre circle after the game.
After Randers picked up a point on the road following a goalless draw in round four of the Danish Superliga, an unknown couple sneaked onto the pitch and started havng sex by the centre circle.

Br√łndby press officer Mikkel Davidsen reported the incident on his Twitter feed, and an image of the canoodling couple has since been posted online.

Further reports have also indicated that the pair’s love making failed to last long as the couple were interrupted by the club’s security chief, James Mickel Lauritsen, who threw them out of the stadium.

King Wasiu Ayinde KWAM 1's Daughter Honey B Shows Off Her Sexy Body On Stage

Nigerian Fuji Artist, King Wasiu Ayinde's daughter Honey-B took to the stage at the Nottinghill Carnival Nigerian corner and showed off her banging body in that racy outfit;acting like Rhianna and Beyonce on stage. The look on comedian Gbenga Adeyinka's face is


President Goodluck Jonathan is claiming that ASUU has been infiltrated by elements of the opposition. He said the federal has tried its best to meet the demands made by ASUU to a substantial level, insisting they should no longer be reluctant to go back to the classroom and perform their duties.

 But ASUU, on their part, stressed that there is no point negotiating what they already discussed, negotiated and concluded with the same government over three years ago.

So, who is fooling who? Students of government owned universities will remain at home for a long time until the federal government and its agents stop blaming the opposition and take necessary actions. Jonathan should release N87bn to ASUU and lets see if opposition can stop them from go back to work!
We students had  better start looking for jobs!

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Melvin and Beverly are IN Nigeria

It was crazy at the airport. Security people were shielding Melvin from fans AND family. Beverly was in tears. Melvin came out and a thousand and 1 people started singing 'Ruby Ruby Ruby'.
Beverly's mum pushed her way through the crowd then entered the same vehicle with Bev and Melvin.Bev couldn't stop gisting her mum inside d car .
As soon as Melvin and Beverly were guided to their vehicle, the crowd mobbed Uti.

melvin's brother

melvin's dad

melvin steps outt finally

beverly makes her appearance


Beverly and bestie,Charity

Uti,Melvin and Beverly