Sunday, August 11, 2013

[FUNNY WRITEUP] The Ibadan “SOPRITE” (ShopRite) Effect

So I came across this really hilarious post by the one and only SirKenayo  click here to visit
This made me laugh till got a headache :D and being so generous,I decided not to keep to myself buh share ...have fun reading!

*slots in Durosoke by Olamide* *now singing along! She kowale? Koduroksoke o!* Before I continue or errrmmm……..before I start! This aint one of those “Ibadan-diss” posts *rolls eye* Hehehe……Although no matter how hardwe try -_-  Ibadan-ites will be attacked *ghenghen*
A little Introduction! *maybe?* I am Ayo! Some people call me Sirkenayo……….. My mummy calls me Ayodeji, my dad, Deji! I stay in Ibadan! So does that make me an Ibadanite? LOOOOL! *I hope not mhen*

OK!!! Here we go! Some people are tush in Ib, while some are otherwise ! *I am lucky sha, iyam kuku parrof the elites*

The whole thing that triggered this post started in the year 2013, in the Land of Ibadan……….latitude bla bla bla, long. bla bla bla. When Heritage Mall was “launshed” in Ibadan.

FOR THE FIRST TIME in the history of the LARGEST CITY IN WEST AFRICA, there was a MALL! -_- *damn, we nigg*s were so excited* some of us popped Zobo!!! IbkDreams bought a pop-corn making machine! *bastard fe ma sell popcorn fun awon pple tofe lo Cinema*

Hehehe…….BLACKBERRIES and INSTAGRAM then got traffic from Ibadan people!
*Ani se we must show our frenz we now aff a cinema fa* DPs were shanging a lot, nigg*s be snapping on the escalator (well some say its elevator *LOST*)

Later, it became a TOY thing! Yeah, they were messing around with the escalators! *pheeew* Children from one particular school be coming to the mall just to use the escalators as “Swing, roller-coaster”……*otalenu! Peppermint*

Hahaha…….There was this day a very fine babe miscalculated on the escalator! (She was fine before she opened her mouth) Shawty rolled down mhen! The Sad parrof this occurrence was however the fact that she didn’t scream in a “tush” way……….Boys were expecting screams like! “OMG, Dammnnn, Somebody help!* Taaaaahhhh! Aunty Kafaya *that is the name I am giving her* was like “EGBAMI O, YEPA, ORIYA MI OH*

Yes! She screamed like that; I might have added one stuff up there as an hyperbole though! *adjusts my glasses*

Hahan! Some babes come to the mall in Mini Skirts. <3<3 *My favorites* You see a lot of good stuffs when they are going the opposite way (I aint no perv! I am just observant!!!)

*lets proceed to the cinema itself* BUYS TICKET! Grabs an Hotdog MOVES IN to. the Theatre!* ok…..*now enjoying my movie*
Suddenly you see the flash of light! *dammnnnitt…..they are snapping again while the tape is rolling, I will never grab why someone will be snapping while watching a movie*

Hahaha…….did I mention boys snap in the underground parking space-_- *operation famz the finest car*

*Now lets proceed to “Cash and carry”*
Yeah, that is where the cool stuffs are (to me sha) The 3D TV; that one is JUST 2,9999.99 Million Naira *hahaha, just say 3M*
People go there to window shop POOR LADS *I hope they don’t fold up in Ibadan though……we aint ready*
O.K. This one I am guilty of x_x *watching the 3D T.V with no intention of purchasing!

Mr. Price……….the Boutique!!! Here is where the real snapping happens! There are mirrors there na! So we gats snap selfies!!!

We are done with Heritage Mall!

Lets descend to the adjacent store! SHOPRITE!!! *an average Ibadan person calls it SOPRITE tho *wetin man eyes never see for that place!!!*

-Some people price goods
-Some people carry the shopping cart to buy one GALA one COKE! *bhet you can purchase those outside na*
-One particular school even brought their lads on excursion !!!

-some people come to search for their soul-mates
-some people branch to COOL OFF! Yeah! The A.C is really strong
*what else do you guys do in the mall oh, drop em for me as comments*

Hahaha! Pebs; that cheap Boutique sef don try for guys! The shirts are cheap, the trousers…….The shoes! Ladies own sef! *I thought twas a bonanza shii sha* Anyway…….Take Advantage of it
When Shoprite was launched I heard there was a lot of Ibadan Populace in the building! But errmm……50K was realized! *we are bad like that*

You people outside Ibadan, especially those in LAG!!! *kiniti e man se eyin omo eko yi gan???* I saw your tweets oh!
I have contacted Ifa! We wee fish ya out one by one!!!

lemme share some tweets I saw
It is the The Ibadan “SOPRITE” (ShopRite)Effect people!!!