Friday, August 2, 2013

10 reasons for you to sleep without your clothes on

1. While you sleep, the body perspires for a while and then cools down as it recuperates from the whole day stress and one principle of sleeping un-clad is to allow blood to circulate smoothly. Clothes restrict blood circulation, hence shedding that artificial skin is good for stimulating the same. 2. The tight elastic bands of your pyjamas or short should be loosened for a sound comfortable sleep. 3. Medical research have shown that sleeping un-clad is good for those suffering from insomnia as it has a comforting effect on them. 4. Going un-clad will streamline and accelerate the repair process of the skin. A healthy, uninterrupted air flow will help in the process. 5. Sleeping un-clad allows the sebaceous glands to do their work best, which is sebum discharge and regeneration. This in turn helps in improving the metabolic rate of the body. 6. And for women, sleeping Un-clad can be healthier for their private parts. While it’s totally normal to have yeast and bacteria down there, the warm environment can sometimes cause an overgrowth. One way to prevent infections is to “air it out”. Just don’t forget to lock your room. 7. Being too warm at night disrupts the release of melatonin and growth hormone (anti-aging) into the body. It regenerates. This is why a person looks refreshed and blooming after a long rest. Because the skin regenerates while you’re sleeping and it may not complete its cycle with clothes on. 8. Sleeping un-clad helps you sleep more soundly, which will allow your levels of the stress hormone cortisol to decrease as you rest, keeping your energy and hunger levels in check. 9. And of course, this is also beneficial to married couples as sleeping un-clad encourages sexier relationships. Isn’t it nice to lay skin-to-skin at night with your wife/husband?