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woooow!! this laptops are really attractive but do they really worth it?? i seriously wish i can lay my hands on just one of them tho>>>> check them out

4. Voodoo Envy H171

      price : $10,000

The price for this very type goes for about $10,000 for a laptop; requires the product to have very good looks and sophisticated features. The Voodoo Envy H171, although pricy, does have a lot to offer, and looks pretty good too. In fact, the most striking thing about the Voodoo Envy is the sleek look of the machine: available in a wide variety of colours, an optional funky “Voodoo” print can be requested to personalize your gadget. The Voodoo Envy has a 17-inch screen and 4GB of RAM; it also has great graphics and the user experience is worth the money.

No 3 : Ego for Bentley
Price : $30,000
Producer : Ego

most expensive laptop in the world

The Ego for Bentley will cost you around $30,000 and provide you with an ego boost at the same time. It is a sleek machine but is considered more of a luxury-goods accessory than a laptop – think designer bags for the tech-savvy. Although the device has great features, it doesn’t wow tech-lovers. What it lacks in features, however, it makes up for in design. The laptop is built to resemble a tote bag rather than a computer, and the exterior is covered in the trademark leather that is also used in the interior of Bentley. It is also available in 10 different colours and has a chrome handle – of course, the case’s frame is made from white gold.

No 2 : Tulip E-Go Diamond Notebook

Producer : Tulip

This laptop is elegant as well as luxurious and costs around $350,000.  Well I can simply advice the ladies (billionaires) to get them. The Tulip-E-Go Diamond comes with a hefty price tag, largely because of the expensive materials used to craft the case: chrome, white gold and diamond (no wonder it costs more than most people can afford…). The actual machine is fitted with all the necessary and handy features such as 2GB of RAM, webcam, DVD burner and 160GB of hard disk available. Not bad, but not extremely impressive either.

most expensive laptop in the world

No 1 : Luvaglio (the boss of all)
Price :  $1,000,000
Producer : Luvaglio

expensive laptop in the world

It should be kept on the top of this list as it costs $1,000,000. (did you just make an exclamation??) No other expensive laptop in the world come even closer to this price. If you wish to have the pride of possessing the most expensive laptop in the world you need to place an order online. Only after that your laptop will be produced.  Beauty about this laptop is, you can provide your own customization on the design, spec and even on the material. You can choose anything from wood, Iron and metal to build your  master piece. Luvaglio one million dollar laptop is designed in such a way that the owner can upgrade its hardware at any point of time. You may ask, there is nothing special about the spec and technology used in the laptop but what  makes it so expensive?  One ultimate thing we can state about this luxurious laptop is ” You won’t have any buttons here. You will only see diamond pieces in place of every key”. So this diamond encrust and bare hand manufacturing are the things which make it to stand out from the rest.

this is obviously the smallest toy for the billionaires to play with as they wish....i sabi say our own sef go come...abi i lie??? *covers face*

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