Friday, November 1, 2013


TheCodedDuo: (WRITER'S MIND)


It all started during this strike,thanks to the endless tussle between ASUU & FG. It’s no news that everyone was advised to go to their various homes. Thank God it was during the private universities’ and secondary schools’ break so it wasn’t so boring at first because my homies were around. My mind was like the clock, ticking away steadily, what do I do now, my thinking faculty asked? Although nothing profitable emerged, I slowly took solace in 2go chatting with friends endlessly, we talked about everything talkable. It went on like that for days.

Suddenly, it all got boring again after talking about everything each and every day. Then my mind started going wild & ‘creative’, bad thoughts didn’t only just creep in, they clung to my state of mind. I started looking for female friends on 2go to have sex chat with but the girls seemed kinda of innocent and as a good dude, I left them so I won’t be the guy to assemble ASUU babies. *lol*

After the long search of girls to flirt with, I met a friend of mine who told me about a girl in my area that is vulnerable and easy to lure. I got her 2go username and added her up. That evening, I was so excited that i said to myself “owo mi ti ba” (my hand don catch am). So later that evening, she came online; I wrote ‘hi’, she replied ‘hello’ then I introduced myself and she did also, we got talking that night. Next day I greeted first, she didn’t reply immediately, I was scared that this girl has vexed for me but alas she replied me after some minutes with an excuse that she was busy cooking. I was relieved with a fake smile on my face. Anyway, we had a chat about boys and girls relationship, you know that’s what interest girls. We chatted for about 2hrs that day. The interesting part of our chat was when she gave me a yes answer; after asking if she could come to my house. I was so shocked and scared, because I was actually joking with her. I did form like I was excited and flowed along.......
(to be Contd next week)