Friday, November 22, 2013


Egberi Papa act, Timaya, talks about his career and his secret
Popular singer, Enetimi Odom, aka Timaya,
seems to have been off the entertainment scene
for awhile. It was a tough call chasing him
around Lagos for many weeks before he finally 

gave our correspondent an appointment for an
interview in his home in the Lekki area of Lagos.
It was obvious that the self-styled Egberi Papa 1
had not quite recovered from the impact of his
breakup with a controversial actress that he
dated a few years ago.
Although it is common knowledge that Timaya
broke up with the actress in 2009, he confessed
that the relationship had robbed off on him
badly and wished he could be rid of the
attendant negative aura.
“You should not date somebody who already has
a negative record. In my own case, it affected
me at that time. I feel that a relationship should
be between two people and not exposed to the
rest of the world. Only a smart man is able to
keep his relationship private.
“You see, Desmond Elliot and Jimmy Jatt are
both married, but you will never see their wives
in public. Naturally I’m a private person. The
only thing that takes me out of my shell is my
music, which is what I do for a living. It seems
that the only thing people know about me is
that ugly episode. So I don’t like to talk about
it,” he says, adding that he has learnt a lesson
from the experience.
However, the singer is currently involved in
what he describes as a healthy relationship and
he has since moved on with his life.
Apart from that single dark spot in his life,
Timaya seems to have been on top of his game
since his fortunes shot up about a decade ago.
During that period, he earned a fat bank
account, recorded six successful albums and
scored several chartbusting hits. The seventh
album is currently in the works.
In spite of his achievements, the artiste, who
considers his maiden album to be the turning
point in his career, nurses a secret desire.
“I wish I had the power to heal people. I am
always inspired whenever I see men of God like
Bishop David Oyedepo preaching and teaching
people. They practise the same teachings and
become millionaires overnight. I wish I can do
that with my music. I would love to be a pastor.
I really want to be one,” he says.
Describing himself as ‘privileged’ to be
considered relevant in the competitive Nigerian
music industry, Timaya says he has reached the
point where there should be a change in his
career and focus. To prove that he is serious
about this, he has shed his dreadlocks and
started experimenting on a new music style
with his last album. The album is titled
‘Upgrade’ and it was released in 2012.
Although many fans think the album is riddled
with lewd songs, such as ‘Ukwu’ and ‘Shake
your bum’, the singer expresses a different
“A lot of people think I love the female backside
a lot and that is why I sing about it all the time.
But then, people will always complain, no
matter what you do. When I was still singing
conscious music they complained that my songs
were always full of bile and loathing. The truth
is that I sing about the way I feel at any point,”
he says.
Interestingly Timaya is currently writing his
memoir, which will be out in 2014. Regarding
his decision to write the book, he says, “I am at
the point where I feel that people can read and
be inspired by my story rather than me singing
When probed further about the content of the
book, he lets out a teaser, “I have also told the
story of a ex-girlfriend of mine who always
wanted to have sex whenever she was in the
mood for it.”
Although the singer enjoys being a father,
marriage is not in his plans yet.
“I am not considering marriage for now. But it
is something I must do. Before now, I wanted a
child and God gave me one. I don’t want to have
children from different women. My father had
15 children and I am the last child. I don’t want
to live like that. The truth is, I’am not ready to
get married now,” he says.
Unlike most other successful artistes, Timaya is
not the type to show off his wealth or material
acquisitions especially on the social media.
“I don’t show off on social media because It is
not just my thing. I bought a Bentley two years
ago and everyone started buying theirs. I m not
even sure some people know I own one. I
bought my G-Wagon two years ago. Some
people will buy a shoe and put it out there for
everyone to see. I simply don’t fancy that. Music
has made me rich and it gave me the
opportunity to travel out of the country,” he
For now, all that matters to the artiste, who was
once a backup singer for Eedris Abdulkareem,
is promoting his newest artiste, Patoranking, as
well as re-positioning his label, DM Records, for
the future.