Saturday, October 19, 2013

BBA Angelo back with his South African girlfriend, Candice Arends

According to sources , Beverly Osu's man in the BBA house, South African dancer Angelo Collins is kinda back with his South African girlfriend, Candice Arends.

 Well, it's more like he's trying to get her back and they've been spotted meeting up at different spots in South Africa. It remains to be seen if their reconciliation will be a permanent one.

Meanwhile,the gist is that things kinda fell apart for Bev and Angelo while he was in Nigeria a few weeks ago. Not only did Angelo make Bev's people buy his ticket to come to Nigeria, he also refused to be intimate with Bev while he was her though they shared the same hotel rooms. Angelo said he wanted to wait until things got serious between them but it didn't. And they say Bev is sad about it but moving ahead.