Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Sexy Songstress,Alicia Key has finally unveiled her latest collection of “Reebok” ladies wedge sneakers. The collection includes Freestyle Hi Wedge leather styles that start at $90 (N13,950) and range in price upwards of $120 (N18,600) for exotic embossed alligator and snakeskin styles…

They will be available for purchase at  Nordstrom.com and Reebok.com.

Keys  made a lot of success with her previously released “Freestyle” sneakers, she is takes  a step forward by introducing her”Reebok Classic” wedges. The limited-edition collection  are in the Military Pack, Reptile II Pack, the Tribal II Pack and the Crocodile Pack.

The shoes will also. come in different colours and materials (suede, canvas and leather) and special details such as printed laces and boot eyelets