Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Came across this picture..Ibadan people going on excursion to Shoprite.Ever since Shoprite opened in Ibadan,it has been more like a 'Mecca' where everyone goes to buy different stuff ranging from gala to household items.As usual,Ibadan people have taken stuff to the extreme.Same thing they did when Mr Price opened its branch in Ibadan.People,especially girls,wil apply all the make-up and wear their finest clothes just to go there,take pictures and parade the mall...more often than not they end up buying nothing.It has become some sort of photo booth.Now Shoprite is headed in that direction.Imagine going into Shoprite and buying only one gala notwithstanding the really long queue at the check-out point.What happened to the people who sell gala on the streets or are you trying to maintain some sort of status quo by carrying around the orange nylon with just one gala inside.Calm down and don't use your own hands to spoil good things which have come to you people of Ibadan...dahsall