Monday, July 29, 2013


It just might be one massive diamond shaped publicity stunt but a couple of days after DJ Khaled’s weird proposal Nicki Minaj is wearing a huge rock on her engagement finger according to a report. The singer hasn’t responded to the request for marriage which was aired on MTV but these pictures might tell a different story. The ring appears to be the exact same $500,000 diamond rock which DJ Khaled unveiled in his heartfelt proposal. Nicki wore yellow jeans and a neon pink hat with her name written across the front as she was pictured leaving Crustation Restaurant in Beverly Hills.
They aren’t even dating, though Minaj currently is single and is probably dwelling on a decision. On a closer look the rings do not even look alike or maybe my eyes are deceiving me.
It’s most likely a huge publicity stunt as DJ Khaled's album is to be released in a few months... but maybe he fancies marrying the booty-shaking, twerking female rapper. Who knows?